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thank you for the great platformer! (respects from

what is start for key board? anyway what i saw of it on youtube.


Very nice!

Great game, very polished!

Hmmm... where's the sound?

Anyways, it was fun playing this :D

Kinda reminds me of the other 2D Doom game

Great Game! Awesome... I want it on my PS4 :)


great game but it's lacking that mechanic of recover hp by killing them

Very cool! A minor complaint, though: if you're immediately adjacent to an enemy and fire, you end up firing behind them. And if you're immediately adjacent to a wall and try to shoot up, your shots just hit the wall.

cool game! its like a tame version of butcher. great job!

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Your game is fantastic. I can't use a Xbox One controller. I test with other HTML games and I haven't had problems. By other hand, is it possible dowload your game? I would like to intall in a handmade arcade and configure manual the controls


We’ll try to provide an executable version (better perfs, less bugs) when we have some inputs from rights owners. Contact is in progress.

It’s a Game Maker 2 game and XO controller is supported in desktop so maybe it’s the web export or your browser? It’s always a bit experimental for that kind of things...

Nice job! Very nicely made. Hat's off to Valryon.

wow, this is a well made game!


Really good job. Fun fun.


Este juego es impresionante, ojalá siga su desarrollo :)




Great job.